Reward and Recognition

Are your employees getting feedback and getting recognised in good times, and understand why?

When times are tough is there a way everyone knows who has been awesome, and what they did to raise the bar?

Having simple strategies can make a huge difference, let us provide direction and tailor a simple programme to celebrate your staff today.

Employee Benefits

Are you paying your staff correctly? The Annual Wage review occurs on 1 July every year, and all minimum ages must be checked for compliance against underpaying, which attracts huge fines.

Beyond remuneration, what can you do better to ensure you can attract and retain great staff, and be known in your industry as an employer of choice?

In this competitive candidate climate, let us help you be the best employer in your market, industry and area.


Internal Communications

Does everyone know what is going on?

Is there a basic means of letting everyone know the good, bad and the ugly of your day to day business?

Do you have simple processes to ensure regular, honest and engaging information reaches all of your valuable employees? It is something that often gets lost in the day to day.

Keeping people “in the loop” is something SBHR can certainly help you with.



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