Do you expect a high performance culture? How is this possible without clear guidelines?

Employees need to know from Day 1, what is expected in terms of goals and behaviour, and how regularly this will be discussed.

Having a simple framework, that’s consistent across the business, and aligned to your values is valuable for employee engagement and productivity.

Let SBHR design a tailor made approach for your management and staff to grow into the business and form a framework for clarity and development.

Grievance and Disciplinary Processes

Are you fighting regular fires with your employees and don’t have a clear process to follow?

Whether they are operating outside the lines and need to be reigned in, or they have issues themselves they want to discuss with you? What do you all do?

There is no need for expensive legal costs managing things internally, or it even getting to Fair Work, when it can be handled upfront with SBHR consulting.

Conflict Management

Tricky, challenging, confrontational – they are all conversations that most people try to avoid.

Issues can arise within teams, and amongst individuals, that require special handling to resolve. A toxic environment, loss of productivity and low morale across the office can grow like wildfire if not tackled swiftly and straight away.

If you are too close to be objective, or simply can’t see the solution, bring us in to discuss, mediate, coach and resolve, and provide guidance of what to avoid in the future.

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