Structural Change

Does your business have a current organisational chart?

When you need to make change happen, can you see the parts that can move, and areas that can be structured better?

With careful planning we can assist you to reach your desired goals, and minimise any backlash.

Redundancies and Restructures

Has technology and sideways growth means some positions are no longer needed?

Managing redundancies is an emotive process that we can help with.Doing it without guidance can cause double the pain if not tackled diplomatically and right.

We are compassionate to every outcome, so take away the stress and bring us in to advise and handle for you.


As a business owner, are you sure of your rights and responsibilities when you need to lose people? There are many avenues to reduce your headcount so allow us to talk you through them, and work out a fair and compliant approach.

Within a clear process this doesn’t have to be hard. Let us help.

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