The A to Z of HR

Job Descriptions

Why are your people there? What is their true purpose in the business and can you break that down for them?  Is it clearly defined?

It is imperative to have a template for every role in your organisation for many reasons

To be able to articulate each role it

  • Clarifies your expectations and their responsibilities
  • Forms a blueprint for recruitment for that role
  • Greatly assists in the performance management process

With a range of templates from entry level to your senior staff, let SBHR tailor the best way for your business and work with you to ensure it will meet 100% of your requirements.


Policies and Procedures

Are your people processes fair and consistent across the business?

Have you had an issue, and realised you don’t have a set process to follow, or know where to start?  

Have you had Fair Work ask for these yet?We can help you with simple guidelines for everything to do with your people processes.

Be it disciplinary processes, a code of conduct, drugs and alcohol, harassment or one of s suite of “must have” guidelines – we can tailor the lot to suit your business and its culture, and most importantly be compliant.

The A to Z of the Employee Journey - Recruitment to saying goodbye

Do you need a hand with the whole process of finding great people to join your business?Are you aware of the current best channels to advertise and approach people out there?

Are you inducting staff effectively into their teams, and ensuring all in on track for success (or not) ahead of their probation period? 

Is performance management happening in a clear and documented way, ensuring all goals and behaviour are working in alignment?

Sadly, when you eventually part ways with staff, do you really know why?

SBHR can help with all the above, and more to ensure you are managing your staff really, well.

HR Administration

Does everyone that work for you have a current written employment agreement?

Do you have files for all staff correspondence, dates for all milestones to acknowledge, payroll leave processes and so on?

SBHR can get your back-office HR system up to scratch in no time.

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